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RightDivision Website Improvements

Great news!  The new RightDivision.com is launched.  Please visit and enjoy the new site.  We have taken great steps forward in this phase 1 upgrade.  Let me recap the improvements:

This is the third iteration of the site since we started in November of 2000.  The main menu navigation is now Home, Articles, Media, Blogs, Charts, and Order Publications.
  • Home page - Takes you home. This is where we will feature new content for the bible study student.
  • Articles page - This is the combination of the old menu Evangelical, Fundamental and Dispensational (which are now Categories on the page)  You will also see subjects below that which is going to be replaced by Study Hall Topics (more on that later)
  • Media page - This is the combination of audio and video room on the old site.  This section is SO powerful.  First, we don't send students away to watch a video (even though it is still hosted at Vimeo.com/RightDivision). Navigation amongst teachers is now very easy.  You should really enjoy the media room in viewing lessons and studies from everyone listed and their other content on the site.
  • Blogs page - Leland Maples has been faithfully sending me his Keep Looking Up articles for years which I have been posting as Blogs on the site.  Wayne has committed to submitting more Blogs in the future and the site is now setup to display those eloquently.
  • Charts page - We took the old chart page section and made it better (but this upgrade has been targeted for Phase 3 of the enhancement project as to take advantage of current web based technology... when we built this, the web was fairly young).  Still it has improvements you should enjoy
  • Order Publications - We upgraded the commerce package/store our site uses and improved navigation slightly.
New to the site is Study Hall!  Being an Acts 28 site, we felt it necessary to provide students of scripture a topical view of the content on RightDivision.com.  This would allow someone who is interested in Right Division of scripture to view an Acts28 definition of that topic and be presented with all the content that is related.  This is where the site will grow very fast as we build a library of Study Hall Topics that will address any topic.  Perhaps become the Acts28-pedia for the web. Then with phase 2 improvements, we will support a global network of bible study groups who want to teach Right Division from an Acts 28 perspective.  What is Phase 2 improvements you ask?  It is the ability to register on RightDivision.com and indicate you are willing or have a bible study group in your area.  This registration will put you in our database for display on a global map showing those who want to find studies in their area and a way to get in touch with them for bible study fellowship.  We have for years received requests for Acts 28 groups in their area... and phase 2 will accommodate those requests.  Our motivation for this comes from 2 Timothy 2:1-2 KJV "1 Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. 2 And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also."

In summary, I want to thank Brian Alford, our programmer who spent endless hours working on this phase 1 improvement.  Shirley Intemann for her countless hours converting cassette tapes to MP3's and being a laborer of content for the site.  Derek McCammon for being such a good teacher and leader for all those years before the Lord brought us Wayne Stewart to the group.  Wayne has been such a joy to work with and embraces new methods of teaching through white boards, slide shows, artwork and brilliant lessons.  Clark Curry for his exceptional leadership with this project and so many more at church and personally.  Leland and Linda Maples for their faithful LOOPs ministry, it has been such a blessing to include the Rec Room messages (and now video thanks to Rick Gaconnet) along with the Keep Looking Up blog.  Greg Gilbert has been a real blessing to the Right Division board leadership, and a friend of Right Division going way back.    Mostly, I want to thank Christ Jesus for allowing me to be a champion for Right Division on the web.

Please let me know your review of the site and if you have any questions.

In Christ,