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May 26th, 2019
Genesis - Part 14
The lesson on May 26, 2019 was part 14 of the "Genesis" study.  Wayne opened up the lesson honoring Memorial Day in America.  He researched the number of casualties by war and found that the Civil War had so many casualties that you can add all the dead from every other war up until the Vietnam war to exceeded those that were killed in America's Civil War.  He emphasized that Americans should definitely exercise their right to vote because of the cost of American lives has been given to secure your right to vote.  Wayne liked the movie "Saving Private Ryan" which does a good job showing the cost to families when their children have been sent to fight a war to secure our rights.  Wayne then proceeds to provide a recap of his previous lessons on the Temple and continued to major on the Temple and how we are associated with the Temple within the Mystery.  Especially how it connects us back to Eden and the tree of life.  Wayne took time to take us through Ezra and Nehemiah which provided more detail around the Temple.  The scripture reading was from Ezra 1:1-4 KJV


November 30th, 1971

This study was given by Dr. McLain in his Friday Night Bible Study sometime in 1971--the exact date is unknown. This study involves some Bible aerobics so it's advisable to keep your Bible open and ready. He gives scriptural proof that Christ Jesus is both the written and incarnate Word with proof texts from both the old and new testaments.

January 1st, 1970

This study is from articles written for the Truth for Today Archives, Aug. 1964-July 1975, by Oscar M. Baker. There were seven articles entitled, “Covenant and The Mystery”.