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April 22nd, 2018
Acts 29 - Part 4

The lesson on April 22, 2018 was part 4 of the "Acts 29" study.  We quickly reviewed what we learned last time and then Wayne focused on the evidence of Paul's journey's between his first imprisonment and his last where he was beheaded.  This study is taking a magnifying glass to the activities of Paul from Acts 28 to the end of 2 Timothy.  Why was there an abrupt end to Acts 28 and where was the end?  When Luke recorded in Acts 28:31 that Paul was "Preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him." What message had changed?  We looked at the word "suffered" in Acts 28:16 which gave us some insight into the freedom Paul had.  When you study the pattern of what happened by looking at Felix, you can summarize by 1) Ministry to the Jews, unacceptable - rejection by Jews. 2) Roman involvement. 3) Judgement (no offense to Rome). 4) 2 years jail after Felix's pronouncement (Acts 24:27) Seeking to show a favor to the Jews. 5) Preach Kingdom.  In summary, Paul kept preaching the hope of Israel after Acts 28 - he was preaching it to the end of Acts 28:31.  Israel as to be given judgement of Isaiah 6:9-10 UNTL a complete forsaking was experienced in the land. How could we interpret historical records?  The judgment of Israel under Titus was evidence that a highways "marriage of the lamb" ministry to the gentiles had begun.  Paul was given at least two imprisonments in Rome and the Mystery was revealed after the first.   The scripture reading was from Philemon 1:21-25 KJV


January 1st, 1970

This study is from articles written for the Truth for Today Archives, Aug. 1964-July 1975, by Oscar M. Baker. There were seven articles entitled, “Covenant and The Mystery”.

November 30th, 1971

This study was given by Dr. McLain in his Friday Night Bible Study sometime in 1971--the exact date is unknown. This study involves some Bible aerobics so it's advisable to keep your Bible open and ready. He gives scriptural proof that Christ Jesus is both the written and incarnate Word with proof texts from both the old and new testaments.

October 3rd, 1976

This seminar covers the very last prophecy given to Israel in the Old Testament--a significant fact in itself. Christians today are looking for the so-called "rapture" and the return of the Lord, and for us to "meet Him in the air."   In this step-by-step study, we discover that not only is this not possible today, it doesn't even affect Christians.

January 6th, 1980

Here is an audio series that Dr. McLain presented at Northside Bible Church from January 13 through September 28, 1980 on The Acts of the Apostles. This chapter by chapter study covers 36 lessons on Acts which is crucial to your understanding of right division.  This study was given prior to Dr.

November 2nd, 1980

The curse and the promise of a savior (Genesis 3:14-24) shows that the message is clear in that Adam and Eve could not stand (consist) apart from Christ. “So He (God) drove out the man” (Genesis 3:14-24). The promise of the savior through the seed of the woman begins a unique battle that will be waged by Satan to destroy the savior. It begins with Cain who slew Able (Genesis 4:1-12).