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May 10th, 2020
Genesis - Part 54

The lesson on May 10, 2020 was part 54 of the "Genesis" study.  This was the first lesson provided to an assembly fresh off the COVID-19 lock-down since churches could now hold their services with appropriate distancing.  Wayne had been teaching virtually in the Genesis study and he picked right up where he left off last week introducing us the clustering biblical truths properly.  Since Genesis introduces us to Abram who becomes Abraham and a father of the multiplied seed where Israel is meant to be a blessing to the nations.  We looked at how all of the revealed plan of God was for Israel to fulfill their position as a kingdom of priests but this was all contingent of their repentance.  The lesson ends with verses from Leviticus where God says if you repent then he will remember. The scripture reading was from Romans 9:8-13 KJV


January 11th, 1981

Clifford McLain took everyone through a chapter by chapter study of 1 Corinthians back in 1981 and those lessons have been made available for Right Division.  In this series there are 17 lessons that were given each Sunday from January 11, 1981 to May 31, 1981.

September 20th, 1981

Here is a comprehensive audio series studying the “Kingdom of God” and all the aspects of what it entails for the Christian today. There are 27 lessons in the series that was taught in 1981-82 and recorded on cassette tapes which have been coverted to digital format for your learning.  Much confusion has resulted from the lack of biblical understanding about “Kingdoms” in scripture because they don’t understand the different attributes of each “Kingdom” mentioned in scripture. Listen to this series to gain a greater understanding of the Kingdom of God to help your grow more mature in your Christian walk.

April 15th, 1982

This study was for Easter services in 1982 where we celebrate what the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished with his death, burial and resurrection.  The crucifixion was where he bore all of our sins (plural), past, present and future.  We learn how he bore those sins and died spiritually where he was seperated from God for three hours when the sun was dark due to an eclipse.  This study is always glorious to listen to and rejoice regarding what

July 18th, 1982

This study on Prophecy was given by Dr. McLain in response to the popular belief during the early 1980's.  While prophecy is for those who can eat strong meat, the belief that was popular among fundamental christians, involves the rapture, the tribulation and the millenium, all in that order.  It's not so much that this is wrong, but it does not include prophecy that will happen and needs to be clarified for todays Christian so he may be properly instructed.  This study starts with truths that are not prophetic but lay the foundation for understanding the events that will unfold for us at this time.

September 5th, 1982

This study "From Egypt to Canaan" was given by Dr. McLain in 1982 and taught how the Nation of Israel was brought out of Egypt in the seventh month of the secular year and God established a new religious calendar in the process.  The first month of the new year corresponded to the seventh month of the calendar year, which was also known as the sacred year.  It was a picture of the fact we have a physical birth by nature and we have a spiritual birth in Christ.  Everything begins in the world and Egypt was a wonderful analogy of the world where Gods people were to be taken out of Egypt never to see it again.  This study is a great review of how God dealt with Isreal from Egypt to Canaan and is a picture of how mankind demonstrates his character towards God.