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October 14th, 2018
No One Hath Ascended but

The message on October 14, 2018 was a one off message entitled "No One Has Ascended but..." and studied what happens at death.  Wayne looked at the state of the soul and body at death and how it is described in scripture regarding what happens.  There is a lot of tradition that has creeped into modern Christian thinking that comes from pagan belief.  The scriptures clearly state in John 3:13 that " man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven."  This message goes through scripture to paint the truth as to how death is defeate


November 30th, 1971

This study was given by Dr. McLain in his Friday Night Bible Study sometime in 1971--the exact date is unknown. This study involves some Bible aerobics so it's advisable to keep your Bible open and ready. He gives scriptural proof that Christ Jesus is both the written and incarnate Word with proof texts from both the old and new testaments.

September 5th, 1982

This study "From Egypt to Canaan" was given by Dr. McLain in 1982 and taught how the Nation of Israel was brought out of Egypt in the seventh month of the secular year and God established a new religious calendar in the process.  The first month of the new year corresponded to the seventh month of the calendar year, which was also known as the sacred year.  It was a picture of the fact we have a physical birth by nature and we have a spiritual birth in Christ.  Everything begins in the world and Egypt was a wonderful analogy of the world where Gods people were to be taken out of Egypt never to see it again.  This study is a great review of how God dealt with Isreal from Egypt to Canaan and is a picture of how mankind demonstrates his character towards God.

May 20th, 1984

This study was given by Dr. McLain from May 20, 1984 through September 16, 1984. This is one of the richest parts of scripture and demonstrates in practical ways what it means to believe. Faith is the substance or title deed of our assurance of things we hope for. Hope has not been realized yet because we are still in this dead body, but one day we shall see Him face to face. In the meantime, we have our title deed--our assurance. In this study, Dr.

January 6th, 1980

Here is an audio series that Dr. McLain presented at Northside Bible Church from January 13 through September 28, 1980 on The Acts of the Apostles. This chapter by chapter study covers 36 lessons on Acts which is crucial to your understanding of right division.  This study was given prior to Dr.

September 23rd, 1984

These lessons were taught by Dr. McLain on various occasions during his ministry. We all wonder about what happens when we die.  Some people believe in soul sleep, others have a vague impression of what heaven is like, others reject hell as a real place, however, we as Mystery believers have a much more wonderful prospect... we shall be made manifest with Him in glory.