Wayne StewartThe Galatians Study, started on April 21, 2013, is a follow up to the ABC's of Right Division taught by Wayne Stewart and takes a verse by verse look at the book of Galatians.  Using the foundations taught from his previous study, Wayne looks at teaching Galatians rightly divided.  This book was written by the Apostle Paul in his first ministry and is defending his Apostleship and the message of salvation by grace during the book of Acts with the churches in Galatia.  This study will teach us Galatians from the context of Paul's teaching through the book of Acts. 


The lesson on August 4, 2013 was part 16 of the study in "Galatians".  A quick review was given of the previous lesson where Paul was explaining how their zealous behavior was good if it was used with knowledge.  After establishing the pushback that Paul was receiving wasn't from his previous visit, the negative response was due to his admonishing of the Galatians falling back into the elements of the law.  He then challenged them to consider what they were doing going back under the law.  Paul even gave an allegory using Abraham and his two sons, one born after the flesh and one born after the promise.  Paul then explains the hope of the promise which was a city that had a foundatiion whose builder and maker was God.  The lesson looked at all the passages regarding New Jerusalem and how that is specifically tied to the twelve tribes of Israel.  After Acts 28, PAul reveals a new hope with a new location in the super heavens and compared the two for our learning and clear differentiation.  The scripture reading was from Galatians 4:21-26 KJV

Galatians - Part 16
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The lesson on August 11, 2013 continued in the study of "Galatians" with part 17.  This covered the end of chapter 4 through verse 1 of chapter 5.  The review started with verse 21 where Paul asked the Galatians if they heard the law having the desire to be under it.  We were reminded of the two houses that Paul explained, one was the house of faith prior to Acts 28, and the other which is the house of God, after Acts 28.  Paul often used proof by contradiction.    False teachers will want to have an affect on you so that you will affect them.  They feed off seeing you being used.  When Paul says "it is written", he is basing his doctrine off of what was written in the old testament during the book of Acts.  In comparison, we looked at Colossians 1:23 which was written after Acts and it shows a big difference.  We have got to know what God has for us today and Paul explains the mystery was revealed to complete the word of God.  Abraham was looking for New Jerusalem and an allegory was given with Abram, Sarai, and Hagar and the sons that they provided him.  This story related the connection between the promises and hope of Israel which was more that just the land because of New Jerusalem which is the bride, the lamb's wife.  We learn why Paul says New Jerusalem is the mother of us all.  The scripture reading was in Galatians 5:1 KJV

Galatians - Part 17
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The lesson on August 18, 2013 continued the study on "Galatians" with part 18 and finished chapter four.  Upon opening, Wayne had drawn a bust of President Abraham Lincoln and mentioned this would close the lesson today with the subject of liberty.  He then provided a review starting with Galatians 4:27 where Paul said "It is written..." and then talked about New Jerusalem and how it was the "mother of us all".  The "us" relates to those of Galatians in the book of Acts.  The lesson looked at the alegory where Sarah was representing New Jerusalem and the New Covenant while Hagar was representative of Old Jerusalem and the Old Covenant.  There were many more comparisons in this analogy between Sarah and Hagar.  It is amazing to see how these two were alagorized to reflect so much in contrast from the old to the new.  Wayne took us back to Isaiah 53-55 and showed how what Paul was speaking about what Israel had received in redemption through the seed of Sarah over Hagar.  All these promises were given to Israel.  We learn of Doctrinal Truth in addition to Dispensational Truth.  Doctrinal truths apply across dispensations which is demonstrated by the fundamentals of salvation.  Salvation is the same for everyone because it is received by grace through faith.  This is an example of Doctrinal Truth.  But we find dispensational truth when Paul said their was an advantage of being Jewish because the oracles of God were committed unto them. We learned of the name "Lo-Ammi" which was used by Paul of Israel at the end of Acts.  The lesson finished with Galatians 5:1 where the emphasis was to boot out the bond woman and her son because we want to stand fast in liberty and not fall back into the yoke of bondage. The scripture reading was in Hebrews 12:22-24 KJV

Galatians - Part 18
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The lesson on August 25, 2013 continued in chapter 5 with part 19 of the "Galatians" study.  As usual, Wayne provided a review of the previous lesson covering the end of chapter 4 in verse 26 where Paul was referring to New Jerusalem celebrated as the mother of us all.  He emphasize that the "us" was specific to those in Galatians at that time in Acts.  If we try to apply that to us today, we have denied what happened at the end of Acts.  Specific hopes were identified relating to the bride, the wife, and the body and which hope pertains to whom.  We learned that the New Jerusalem was the bride, the lamb's wife.  Paul uses the allegory of casting out the bondwoman and her son relating to kicking out the law.  The three groups of words that came up in verse 1 were "Liberty, "to set free" (a verb) and "free" (an adjective) were looked at based on frequency of use and where they were found.  This allowed us to see that the method of salvation as a doctrinal truth was laid in the Acts period and built upon after Acts 28.  However, we find that the hope and blessing changed for the gentiles. The lesson takes us through chapter 5, verse 6.  The scripture reading was in Galatians 5: 2-7 KJV

Galatians - Part 19
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The lesson on September 1, 2013 continued in the study of "Galatians" with part 20 and looked more into chapter 5.  As usual, Wayne gave a review of the previous lessons and then he looked at why Paul was talking to the Galatians regarding the power of circumcision in regards to salvation.  Circumcision had no power in the spirit but had huge significance in the flesh.  He was emphasizing that they were saved by grace through faith and he was opposing circumcision and receiving persecution because of it. Paul would not accept going back to the law because he wanted to move forward.  Biblical Christianity is the only religion that brings forth the doctrine of salvation by grace through faith!  We looked at the "troubler" and the "restorer" which provided the motivation for this week's artwork.  After Acts 28, Paul referenced these troublers in Philippians 3:2 where he emphasized that we are now circumcised spiritually.  Wayne also looked at the two natures you have after you are saved.  The old man, which is the flesh, and the new man, which is the gift from God and is perfect.  These two are contrary from each other and are at war immediately. We have been given free will which is contrary to the beliefs of the Calvinist faith which we looked at through the acronym of TULIP.  The scripture reading was in Galatians 5:11-18 KJV

Galatians - Part 20
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