Wayne StewartThe Galatians Study, started on April 21, 2013, is a follow up to the ABC's of Right Division taught by Wayne Stewart and takes a verse by verse look at the book of Galatians.  Using the foundations taught from his previous study, Wayne looks at teaching Galatians rightly divided.  This book was written by the Apostle Paul in his first ministry and is defending his Apostleship and the message of salvation by grace during the book of Acts with the churches in Galatia.  This study will teach us Galatians from the context of Paul's teaching through the book of Acts. 


The lesson on September 8, 2013 was part 21 of the "Galatians" study.  The lesson continued in chapter 5 looking at verses 10 through 26.  This covered the "Troubler" and the "Restorer".  We all should do our part in the role as a restorer.  The law of love "fulfilled" which looked at 17 works of the flesh listed along with the 9 works of the Spirit.  We learn why Paul was showing confidence in the law because he made it clear it had nothing to do with justification.  This did not mean that the law was bad.  Paul says in Romans 7:12 that the law was holy, just and good but not for justification.  He was appealing to the law for the fulfillment of love.  The law had some good applications that continued over the Acts 28 boundary and showed up in Paul's prison epistles.  The ten commandments (but not the added law) are reflected in Ephesians 6.  Paul leaves out the part of the law that does not apply to this age and keeps in the part of the law that is consistent with love.  The scripture reading was from Ephesians 6:1-4 KJV

Galatians - Part 21
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The lesson on September 15, 2013 was part 22 of the "Galatians" study and opened up with chapter six.  There are three things that we need to learn as we proceed through this chapter.  First, there is a resumption of previous ideas and a conclusion in the context.  Next, there is a burden pointed out but we find actually there are two burdens identified in Galatians that need to be rightly divided so it won't show contradiction. We learned the difference between the two burdens.  One burden shouldn't be shared with anyone else.  The other type of burden was one that could be shared among the believers.  Lastly, there are some neat practical ideas that come through that are good for us today.  A brief review of previous lessons was presented by showing a slide on the works of the flesh and spirit.  This battle goes on between the two natures. We saw how Paul was able to use the ten commandments in showing the law of love which is applicable even in Ephesians 6: 2-3.  The study in chapter six was speaking to those that were spiritual that they should help those that need restoration from a fault.  However, those that have gone astray from the truth of the gospel, they should be cut off. The scripture reading was in Galatians 6:1-6 KJV

Galatians - Part 22
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The lesson on September 22, 2013 was part 23 and it is the final lesson in the book of Galatians.  This series studied the six chapters of Galatians on a verse by verse basis and enlightened us to the truth that Paul was defending to those in Galatia because some had gone back to relying on circumcision for salvation instead of what was correct, which was now salvation by grace through faith.  The beginning of the lesson reviewed the first part of chapter six and then ended by covering the rest of the chapter.  A final review was presented covering most of the key truths that were learned from this book.  The scripture reading was in Galatians 6:11-18 KJV.

Galatians - Part 23
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