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Mid-Acts or Acts 28? - Part 11

Mid-Acts or Acts 28 - Part 11

The lesson on February 18, 2018 was part 11 of "Mid-Acts or Acts 28?" study.  Wayne continued the thought of comparing the body of Christ metaphor to the church which is his body digging deeper in scripture to find evidence that the gifts that were given during Acts were fading away and those gifts given with the revelation of the Mystery were individuals who were mending the previous body of Christ into the new calling and the gospel of the unsearchable riches of Christ.  We also looked at the laying on of hands were part of the old economy which we read in Numbers and Ezekiel.  The gifts...

Mid-Acts or Acts 28? - Part 12

Mid-Acts or Acts 28 - Part 12

The lesson on February 25, 2018 was part 12 of the "Mid-Acts or Acts 28?" study.  This week Wayne takes an even deeper look at the message of transition from the Jew and Gentile to compare what was taught to the Gentiles after a Jewish group rejected what was taught.  It looks at the message including the kingdom of God which was preached by Paul in Acts 28:23 and in Acts 28:31.  Did it change after Acts 28:28?  No.  At some point in time after Acts, PAul received the Mystery by revelation and wrote Ephesians where he writes about the gifts of categories in chapter 4 that we certain...

Mid-Acts or Acts 28? - Part 13

Mid-Acts or Acts 28 - Part 13

The lesson on March 4, 2018 was part 13 of the "Mid-Acts or Acts 28?" study.  This was the final lesson in this series and Wayne provides a recap of why the scripture seems clear that the church which is His body where Christ is the head was created new after Acts 28.  When we studied the body of Christ that was formed in the Acts period, the attributes of this body have a different hope than that is defined in Ephesians.  We did learn that when PAul wrote Ephesians, God gave gifts to individuals to minister to the body of Christ who came through the Acts 28 boundary because they needed...