How do you handle the issues of life?

The lesson on 12-10 begins with a scripture reading in Luke 1:26-31. How do you handle the issues of life? Christ Jesus was born in this world to die that we might live... therefore, do you fly your Christian flag this time of year and spread the good news?As challenges appear in your life do you ignore them, convince yourself what isn’t... is, or walk in your own might? Listen here to the lesson of the week or check out the audio lessons in December.

Building a Good Foundation

Building a Good Foundation. The lesson on 12-03 encourages the christian to make sure they cover the fundamentals... by building a proper foundation.A good foundation can withstand any calamity in life... whether it be an act of war or an attack on your witness. The 59th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor is also remembered with a story about Chaplain Al Schmidt on the USS Oklahoma. Click here to listen to the lesson of the week. A handout goes with the lesson... click here to download it for review while you listen.

The Gifts of Christmas

The lesson on 12-24 Christmas Eve encourages you to consider what gifts you give at Christmas. Do you get caught up in the commercialism of the season or the gift of eternal life? Is it chaotic with false feelings of joy or the joy of a Christian celebrating eternal life? In Adam, we have received the gift of sin and therefore death. God’s gift to sinners is His Son, Christ Jesus, where we receive eternal life.

Right Division - Part 5

The audio lesson on 11-26 continues the series on Right Division while covering Old Testament chronology. The lesson demonstrates how God is in control no matter who is in power. In light of the confusion with the American Presidential election... it’s nice to be reminded that God is in control. The lesson shows how God will accomplish His will no matter what political rulers are in place. Another component of this lesson introduces several of the “Days” in scripture... Man’s Day and the Day of Christ. Click here now to listen to this timely lesson.

Right Division - Part 4

The holiday season is here and the lesson on 11-19 continues the series on Right Division with the fourth lesson. However, this week the message challanges you to consider how thankful you are in your day to day walk with God. Is thankfulness a once a year exercise or should it be more? Click here to listen to the lesson on 11-19.

Right Division - Part 3

The lesson of the week on 11-12 is the third in a series on Right Division expressed in 2 Tim 2:15 Man proposes but God disposes. In light of whatever happens in our walk... do we stop and priase God for what he has done? Our responsibility as a Christian is to remember the blessings we have from God each and every day. Listen here for encouragement..

Right Division - Part 2

The lesson on 11-05 is the second lesson in a series on Right Division. “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart... and He shall direct thy path.” This familiar passage in Proverbs 3:5-6 sums up the principle of right division in “direct thy path”. The principles of handling the Word of God accurately are necessary so we don’t rob the Word of it’s truth. All scripture is for us but not all scripture is to us... Want to learn more? Click here to listen now.

Trick or Treat

Each year on October 31st, the doorbell rings with a familiar shout of ‘Trick or Treat’. Is this harmless fun or does it open the door to something else? Should Halloween be Hallowed? The lesson on 10-29 discusses the tradition of Halloween. Click here now to listen to this study and decide for yourself how a Christian should handle this holiday. Be sure and download the handout as well.

Right Division - Part 1

The lesson on 10-22 starts a new series on Right Division. Derek McCammon opens the series exploring the need for handling the word of God, rightly divided. If you are new to Right Division. Be sure and follow this series here or on the Right Division audio page. You should also visit the Right Division home page for more studies on the subject.


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