Revelation Lessons

December 4th, 2016
The Apocalypse - Part 45

The lesson on December 4, 2016 was part 45 of "The Apocalypse" study.  This is the last lesson in this study.  Wayne reviews what was covered in the previous lesson, where we learned how mans soul perishes with his body upon death.  Scripture tells us that man is like the animals in how they die and return to dust.  This is true without the hope of the Jesus Christ and the resurrection.  We have learned about the first and second resurrection of the tribulation and how these are particular to Israel.  We learn in this lesson of the unique calling we have in this age specifies where we will...

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November 27th, 2016
The Apocalypse - Part 44

The lesson on November 27, 2016 was part 44 of "The Apocalypse" study.  This lesson looks at Revelation chapters 21 and 22 to learn about New Jerusalem that comes down from heaven to set up God's tabernacle hear on Earth.  It is amazing to read of the New Earth and how God transform the Earth to be without the sea.  This New Jerusalem and New Earth is specifically in relation to His people.  We take time to look at what God means by His people and ask are we included in that phrase?  We look at Paul's statement in Galatians 4:25-26 when he says "Jerusalem, which is above is free, and the...

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November 20th, 2016
The Apocalypse - Part 43

The lesson on November 20, 2016 was part 43 of "The Apocalypse" study.  This lesson continued to review what we have learned in chapter 20 of Revelation, particularly in relation to the first and second resurrection in relation to the Great White Throne Judgement and who it pertains to.  We also look at the great house spoken of in 2 Timothy 2:20 to learn how life is received as a free gift to those who accept Christ and rewards are given to those who do good works.  The consistency of Revelation in how it applies to the nation of Israel is pointed out from old testament scripture that was...

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November 13th, 2016
The Apocalypse - Part 42

The lesson on November 13, 2016 was part 42 of "The Revelation" study.  Wayne gives a quick review of the Presidential Election in America and how God my be giving the United States an opportunity to come back to Him.  In doing so, we learned how the losers of this election were practicing Satanic rituals that played right into the Babylonian doctrine showing how those will be duped by this religion when the they perform miracles and demonstrate power.  As the lesson started, we again are learning how we don't have an immortal soul.  When we die, the life that was given with the soul has...

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November 6th, 2016
The Apocalypse - Part 41

The lesson on November 6, 2016 was part 41 of "The Apocalypse" study.  This week, we looked at the Clarence Larkin chart entitled "The Underworld" and looked at how their are some errors due to the fact that we learned in Luke 16 that the description of the intermediate state was a belief of the Pharisees and the Lord used that description against them.  We have learned that there is life through resurrection or you perish.  That is it.  There is no intermediate state of the believer.  The later part of the lesson continued looking at the 1000 year period when Christ is ruling here on...

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October 30th, 2016
The Apocalypse - Part 40
The lesson on October 30, 2016 was part 40 of "The Apocalypse" study.  Today's lesson completed chapter 19 of Revelation and looked at two items.  First, the fact that the return of Jesus Christ here on Earth is in the role of the kinsman redeemer that comes with vengeance and redemption for his beloved bride, the nation of Israel who have overcome the tribulation.  The over-comers get to receive their messiah and he take vengeance on the armies of Satan and his un-holy trinity.  The other was to look at the name referenced in verse 12, "His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were...
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October 23rd, 2016
The Apocalypse - Part 39

The lesson on October 23, 2016 was part 39 of "The Apocalypse" study.  This study begins chapter 19 of Revelation and Wayne takes time to look at the phrase "King of Kings" and where it occurs in scripture.  It appears three times in the Old Testament and three times in the New Testament.  When you compare what we find in Ephesians, we see Christ in the dispensation of the fullness of times is the Head of all principalities and powers, and might and dominion and every name that is named, not only in this world but also which is to come.

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October 16th, 2016
The Apocalypse - Part 38

The lesson on October 16, 2016 was part 38 of "The Apocalypse" study.  Babylon was studied to conclusion in that Babylon of Revelation 17, 18 and Jeremiah 50, 51 is the actual city vs. Jerusalem.  The scriptures that point to this conclusion are shared and studied so the conclusion is made, no matter how hard it is to believe.  Presently, Babylon is in ruins and only partially rebuilt and is no way an economic epicenter.  It would be much easier to believe that Jerusalem fills this prophecy but the scriptures studied in this lesson show that Jerusalem must exist for the prophecy related to...

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October 9th, 2016
The Apocalypse - Part 37

The lesson on October 9, 2016 was part 37 of "The Apocalypse" study.  This lesson looked at the three theories that identifies the Babylon spoken of in Revelation 17.  First, some think that Babylon is really the Roman line of the Catholic church, stemming from Nimrod (set forth in the book "The Two Babylons: Or, the Papal Worship Proved to Be the Worship of Nimrod" by Alexander Hislop).  Second, Pastor McLain set...

October 2nd, 2016
The Apocalypse - Part 36

The lesson on October 2, 2016 was part 36 of "The Apocalypse" study.  This lesson continued into chapter 17 of Revelation and takes time to study Babylon.  Traditionally, the Babylon of Revelation 17 has been taught that it is symbolizing Rome and the Catholic church, where the Pope is revealed at the Anti-Christ that fulfills the phophetic content of Babylon.  This lesson rejects that tradition and looks at Babylon as an actual city located in the Middle East. The scripture reading was from Isaiah 13:19-22 KJV

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