This is an Acts 28 Site

What does it mean to be an Acts 28 site?

Simply stated, we believe the passage in Acts 28:28-31 is when the Apostle Paul declares to the Jewish leadership that the final opportunity for their acceptance of Jesus as Christ is over. From that point on the message for the plan of salvation is now authorized to be sent from the Gentiles, apart from Israel. Prior to this point in scripture, salvation was always either through or with the Jew. At this point the nation of Israel has been put on hold but will be still receive the promises and blessings made to them through Abraham in the future (when Elijah restores the revealed plan of God).

However, foActs 28:28 Siter the first time in scripture, PAul declares that whosoever will accept Christ, they become a member of the body of Christ where Christ is the head. This is now the beginning of the church which is of His body which has its own calling, blessings, and inheritance separate from Israel. To explain this “hidden plan”, PAul then begins to write the final 7 books in scripture, chronologically (Ephesians, Phillipians, Colossians, Titus, Philemon, 1 Timothy, and 2nd Timothy.) The reason we describe this calling as the hidden purpose is that it was hidden in God, before the foundation of the world and not revealed until Paul was told to do so in Ephesians 3:9. The primary name given to us by the Apostle Paul for the special body of truth during this timeframe is called “The Mystery” (Ephesians 3:9, Colossians 1:25-26) and it is our calling for today.  At, we have emphazied to the Christian that they seek out the two ministries of the Apostle Paul  The one he had prior to Acts 28:28 and the one after (considered his prison ministry).  We have tried to change the text spelling of Paul's name to indicate Paul prior to Acts 28, and PAul after Acts 28.  This comes from the fact that Au is the symbol for gold, indicating that if you can identify his post Acts teaching, you have found gold!

For those of you new to this approach, there are several theories on when the church began. Some say the church which is the one body of Christ began in Acts 2, some will push Acts 9 or chapter 13. We feel it’s not until after Acts 28:28 did the church of the one body begin where Christ is the head. For more extensive comparisons on this topic, you may want to continue your research here.

There are many study materials throughout this site to help you understand our calling and the Acts 28:28 dispensational frontier. Be sure and see the Acts 28 topic in Study Hall to see all the content associated with that topic.