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May 19th, 2019
Genesis - Part 13

The lesson on May 19, 2019 was "Genesis" part 13. Wayne takes time to really explain how we have a Temple relationship in our calling after Acts 28 when the Apostle PAul revealed The Mystery because of the fundamental need for us to have access to the Tree of Life through resurrection.  We learn how Adam was a type of Christ and how Eden and the Tree of Life were a type of the Tabernacle and Temple. Wayne explained how this is primal having established eternal life with the Tree of Life found in Eden.  The tabernacle and Temple we for Israel the the Temple, which is The Body whose head is Christ is for us.  Wayne shared how important is Right Division of scriptures because many churches or denominations take ordinances tied to tabernacle or temple worship out of context and apply it to their parishioners as a means of judging them.  That is why PAul says in Ephesians 2:15 KJV "Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace".  We have a portal relationship with our Tabernacle and Temple being in Christ. The scripture reading was from 2 Chronicles 7:1-7 KJV


September 20th, 1981

Here is a comprehensive audio series studying the “Kingdom of God” and all the aspects of what it entails for the Christian today. There are 27 lessons in the series that was taught in 1981-82 and recorded on cassette tapes which have been coverted to digital format for your learning.  Much confusion has resulted from the lack of biblical understanding about “Kingdoms” in scripture because they don’t understand the different attributes of each “Kingdom” mentioned in scripture. Listen to this series to gain a greater understanding of the Kingdom of God to help your grow more mature in your Christian walk.

January 11th, 1981

Clifford McLain took everyone through a chapter by chapter study of 1 Corinthians back in 1981 and those lessons have been made available for Right Division.  In this series there are 17 lessons that were given each Sunday from January 11, 1981 to May 31, 1981.

November 2nd, 1980

The curse and the promise of a savior (Genesis 3:14-24) shows that the message is clear in that Adam and Eve could not stand (consist) apart from Christ. “So He (God) drove out the man” (Genesis 3:14-24). The promise of the savior through the seed of the woman begins a unique battle that will be waged by Satan to destroy the savior. It begins with Cain who slew Able (Genesis 4:1-12).

January 6th, 1980

Here is an audio series that Dr. McLain presented at Northside Bible Church from January 13 through September 28, 1980 on The Acts of the Apostles. This chapter by chapter study covers 36 lessons on Acts which is crucial to your understanding of right division.  This study was given prior to Dr.

October 3rd, 1976

This seminar covers the very last prophecy given to Israel in the Old Testament--a significant fact in itself. Christians today are looking for the so-called "rapture" and the return of the Lord, and for us to "meet Him in the air."   In this step-by-step study, we discover that not only is this not possible today, it doesn't even affect Christians.