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March 17th, 2019
Genesis - Part 7

The lesson on March 17, 2019 was part 7 of the "Genesis" study.  In today's lesson, Wayne looked at the unique words used only in Genesis which is "and God said" and we looked at a concordance of this in Hebrew.  We learned that in the days of re-creation we see how God brackets the days by saying "and the evening and the morning were the xx day".  Right after this statement, the next verse starts with "And God said..." which indicates God's re-creative work starting at the beginning of the next day.  When you apply this grammatical logic, it clearly shows that in Genesis 1:1-2 were his Ex-Nihilo creation acts - something out of nothing - and then renewal process starts with "And God said.  Wayne then moved on to repeat what we have learned about death before Adam sinned which necessitates the need for the tree of life.  The tree of life was so powerful it would have made the sinner Adam live forever and that is why God put a Cherubim with a flaming sword to keep the sinners out of the garden and the tree of life. We then learned of a consistent principle found in scripture  where God says "You may eat of all …. But “prohibition”.  See Deuteronomy 14. Having looked at Genesis again with the clarity that the Hebrew provides us really has opened up the scriptures to provide more clarity that happens to match what science claims about the Earth's origins.  Not that we are trying to substantiate creation from science since we only need the scriptures to believe that God tells us but it is nice that it matches what science says.  In fact, Wayne provided us a URL to Gospel Coalition article entitled "William Lane Craig: Five Arguments for God"  This article lays out a modern argument for the belief in God that is used to win debate after debate with Atheists.   The scripture reading was from Genesis 1:29-31 KJV


November 30th, 1971

This study was given by Dr. McLain in his Friday Night Bible Study sometime in 1971--the exact date is unknown. This study involves some Bible aerobics so it's advisable to keep your Bible open and ready. He gives scriptural proof that Christ Jesus is both the written and incarnate Word with proof texts from both the old and new testaments.

January 1st, 1970

This study is from articles written for the Truth for Today Archives, Aug. 1964-July 1975, by Oscar M. Baker. There were seven articles entitled, “Covenant and The Mystery”.