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Acts - An Introduction

Acts - An Introduction

The lesson on January 10, 2021 was an introduction to the new Acts study, focused on the when and why of books that were written by the Apostle Paul.  This lesson explained the objectives of looking at Paul’s letters and finding out when were they written relative to Acts?  Also, if possible, we will put a secular date on the epistles and events encountered in the Acts.  Is the declaration in Acts 28 in or out of “the Acts of the apostles?  What importance can we associate with the timing of the mystery and the destruction of the temple?  Does the Acts introduce a new ministry or continue...

Acts - When and Why? - Part 1

Acts - When and Why - Part 01

The lesson on January 17, 2021 was part 1 of the "Acts When and Why?" study and Wayne focused on proving who wrote the book, We learned in the introduction that Luke was the author. In this lesson we follow the scriptures to show the evidence. The parallels between Luke and Acts show that the comments in the first chapter of Acts matches Luke 24:36-53 to Acts 1:1-14. Between these two sections, you learn of many infallible proofs, Christ’s words to His apostles, the commission, the enduement, the ascension and the return of the apostles. Often when you study the parallels, you have little...

Acts - When and Why? - Part 2

Acts - When and Why - Part 02

The lesson on January 24, 2021 was part 2 of the "Acts - When and Where?" study.  Wayne provided a brief recap from the previous lesson before he taught us of the first date we can pin down from Herod's death in A.D. 44 which ties into Acts 12:1-23.  We learned that Acts was written in order.  It was written according to eye-witnesses and it was inspired from above (God inspired - Greek word ἄνωθεν (Lk. 1:3 TBT)).  Acts is a historically accurate inspired account of what the Lord continued to do after his ascension.  In regards to Herod's death, it was somewhat difficult to navigate all...