The Apocalypse

The Apocalypse Study

This study looks at the book of Revelation from the perspective of Man, His Nature and Destiny which means the lessons will look at the judgments revealed in revelation as it pertains to man.  Whether or not the perspective of eternal torment for the lost is accurate as opposed to just perishing with the appropriate amount of punishment.  This study is best followed by the Man, His Nature and Destiny to provide the context of how by looking at Revelation we may expand our understanding of Man's destiny.


The Apocalypse - Part 1

The lesson on November 29, 2015 was part 1 of "The Apocalypse" study.  This first lesson looks at the book of Revelation because it is important to understand in the context of Man, His Nature and Destiny.  This is because most Christians will go to Revelation to get answers to the questions posed within the previous study.  In the traditional view, the saved would have life forever while the lost would have an eternity in flames.  Hell simply continues for the lost and they are forever in torment.  However, in the context about what we learned about the saved is that they only have life through resurrection.  The lost simply perishes which doesn't mean they burn forever.  It may be that some earn the punishment while they are perishing but in the end, they are gone.  The scripture reading was from Revelation 1:1-4 KJV

The Apocalypse - Part 01
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The Apocalypse - Part 2

The lesson on December 6, 2015 was part 2 of "The Apocalypse" study.  Perspective is the emphasis of this lesson helping us understand how John the revealer is writing Revelation in the context of a future event. The path of how this Revelation is given is from God to Christ to an angel and then to John. We learn when Christ is speaking to Peter when asked who he was, Peter said you are the Messiah, the Son of God was the rock that Christ said that the foundation of the church will be laid.  Not on Peter who denied him three times but on the Son of God.  The perspective of future events means you can't find the seven churches in Revelation being addressed in John's gospel.  John's gospel is written from a different perspective that Matthew, Mark and Luke for it is written for the world and in it John highlights eight signs of the many more that weren't recorded.   The scripture reading was from John 12:37-41 KJV

The Apocalypse - Part 02
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The Apocalypse - Part 3

The lesson on December 13, 2015 was part 3 of "The Apocalypse" study.  A review of the perspective that John the Revelator has versus the perspective John was giving in his gospel was given and it is an important aspect of realizing that John the Revelator is writing in the future so we cannot take the context in John's gospel.  In this lesson, we learn how the seven spirits are referring to Angels and we are shown how Angels are very much attached with Israel from their beginning.  It also compares how PAul the prisoner starts his letters after Acts 28 vs how the Apostles address the churches during gospels the Acts period. We see how Angels are ready to carry out the Lord's commands. We also learn how the breath of life is the same that is part of the animal kingdom but the differentiator is the resurrection where Adamic man realizes eternal life.  The scripture reading was in Revelation 1:17-20 KJV

The Apocalypse - Part 03
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The Apocalypse - Part 4

The lesson on January 3, 2016 was part 4 of "The Apocalypse" study.  There was a 20 minute review of what was previously covered in the earlier lessons before Wayne asked the questions "What is Revelation revealing"? and exploring the passage in Romans 6:23 where we learn that the wages of sin is death... but there are two deaths mentioned in scripture so what death did Jesus Christ die, the first or second death? Time is spent on learning how to interpret Revelation 1:19-20. Wayne compared the passages speaking to the "Overcomers" and the impact on their eternal life if they don't overcome.  This is in strong contrast as to what the Apostle PAul tells us in Ephesians pointing out the fact that Revelation is entrenched with the nation of Israel.  The scripture reading was from Revelation 3:7-13 KJV

The Apocalypse - Part 04
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The Apocalypse - Part 5

The lesson on January 10, 2016 was part 5 of "The Apocalypse" study.  This week gave a review of what we learn in the last lesson regarding the revelation that Jesus Christ is revealing particularly to the overcomers.  We review the seven churches that were addressed and the complaints that were against the churches except for the Philadelphia church but even then, that church will be tempted.  Everything in Revelation applies to future and does not apply to the churches of today.  A majority of the time was spent on understanding how to interpret references with eternal, like eternal damnation or eternal punishment.  Wayne takes time to instruct us on how the Greek is constructed and converted to English and then we understand how eternal is combined with the result noun to get the eternal result. So, Eternal Result of Punishing =Eternal Punishment =Eternal Destruction.  The scripture reading was from Matthew 10:28 KJV

The Apocalypse - Part 05
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