Video for Bible Inspiration and Preservation

Bible - Introduction

Bible Inspiration and Preservation - Intro.mp4

This lesson was taught on June 6, 2021 with Wayne starting a new study on reviewing the Bible, its Inspiration and Preservation. This study is so important to Christianity today because the Bible is under attack.  Each Christian who attends a Bible Study and experiences the issue when you have those in attendance read scripture and they don't have the same Bible.  In newer Bibles some verse have been omitted or reworded because they have been created from "a better manuscript", which is the explanation that is given for the omission or change.  In this first lesson, Wayne shares examples...

Bible Inspiration and Preservation - Part 2

Bible Inspiration and Preservation - Intro - Part 2.mp4

The lesson on June 13, 2021 was part 2 of the introduction in the "Bible Inspiration and Preservation" study.  Wayne continued to provide us a tentative outline of what this study will cover. This starts with asking "Is there is an issue?" which we started looking at the results of newer Bibles to see how they have removed some verses because they removed some of the Greek. This is then followed by undertaking "What saith the scripture?" Then we will look into "The manuscripts and history".  Next we will take a look at "The identity of the new testament text".  Then Wayne intends to wrap...