Overview of the Old Testament

Derek McCammonHere is a series that covers the Old Testament. Most Christians are ignorant of the history in the Old Testament so this audio series will provide a good review.


Overview of the Old Testament - Part 1. The lesson on January 8, 2006 begins a series which will be reviewing the Old Testament. 2 Timothy 3:16, will be used as the basis for the importance of all scripture and as Derek stresses, “All scripture is for our learning and it’s profitable to deal with the WORD OF GOD on a daily basis.” We learn, that each of us is going to be used and from a spiritual perspective, the options are to be used by either Satan or by God.

Old Testament Study - Part 2. The Old Testament series continues on January 22, 2006 with part 2 in the series. The goal of this series is to provide a look at some of the peaks in scripture to motivate you to study more and learn all those Old Testament stories. The word of God is important. There are two things that will last forever, change and the word of God. For example, in Luke 16:19-33, we are told the story of a rich man and poor man named Lazarus. When the rich man died and went to hell, he saw Lazarus across a great gulf in Abraham’s bosom.

Old Testament Study - Part 3. The lesson on January 29, 2006 continues the Old Testament Study with part 3 in the series. The calling of a nation. Abram was the individual called to form a separate group out of mankind that was dedicated to serving God.

Old Testament Study - Part 4. The lesson on February 5, 2006 continues the lesson on the Old Testament review. Genesis covers a lot of history with scripture that covers the faith of Abraham and the foretelling of the promises the are founded in Israel’s hope. Sound doctrine is important and something we need to be attentive to. Doctrine is progressive and what we find in Genesis is important to the promises to Israel. Our doctrine that we are to adhere to is the Mystery given in Ephesians by the apostle Paul.

Old Testament Study - Part 5. The lesson on February 26, 2006 continues the series with part 5 on the Old Testament study . This lesson covers the "Torah" which is the first five books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The author of these books is Moses. There has been some higher criticism on the author not being Moses but the internal evidence proves the authorship.