Overview of the Old Testament

Derek McCammonHere is a series that covers the Old Testament. Most Christians are ignorant of the history in the Old Testament so this audio series will provide a good review.


Old Testament Study - Part 11. We see that the golden age of Israel was presented to us in the time of David and Solomon. The Egyptians were waning and the Assyrians and Babylonians were not prominent yet so this was the prime time for Israel. The wisest man on earth, Solomon, had been made King and the glory of Jehovah was in the temple. David was a solder and a gatherer but he wasn’t allowed to build the temple. That job was given to Solomon and it was impressive but we see that Solomon, in the end, did not keep the Lord’s commandments.

Old Testament Study - Part 12. The study of history can be dry at times especially when you go back 6000 years to Adam. But this history is important for our learning and spiritual growth. All scripture is for our learning in that we find doctrine, reproof, corrections, and instructions in righteousness in the history found in scripture. This lesson comes to the old testament prophets (major and minor). First, there is a recap from what has transpired up to this point, from Abraham to the exile of Israel which is at the end of the Kings from 500-490 BC.

Old Testament Study - Part 13. The lesson on June 4, 2006 continues the Old Testament Series with Part 13. The Word of God is a book of human history that has more veracity in it than any other book today. Yet, it has come under attack by man as to it authenticity and has been labeled a book of myth, fables, and legends. God’s Word is more important to the life of a Christian than eating bread and drinking water. We are to be built up in our faith, and to avoid the Old Testament because we don’t know of the history, or it’s too confusing.

Old Testament Study - Part 14. The lesson on June 11, 2006 focuses on the post-exile prophets and looks at the books Ezra, Nehemiah, Ester, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi. These books wrap up the Old Testament and require you to learn them by reading them over and over. In order to be prepared to share the Word of God, you need to have scripture hidden in your heart. Several Companion Bible appendices are mentioned that work as good study aides on these topics ( Appx. 50, Appx. 53, and Appx. 58).

Old Testament Study - Part 15. The passage in 2 Chronicles 36:14-21 is the last page in the Hebrew canon and covers the period 70 years before the post-exile to that little bit of time between the pre-exile and exile. This passage is the last page of the Hebrew bible (It is not Malachi as it is for us in the Old Testament.) We learn from this passage that there was no remedy for the Nation of Israel. The Babylonians were brought by God to wipe out His people.