Timothy Study

Derek McCammonThis audio series studies the letters the Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy in his final ministry to the gentiles. These lessons look at the proper doctrine that Christians should follow. We find that having the right doctrine makes our walk with the Lord more gratifying than being out of step with what He wants you to do. Clearly sound doctrine is very important to our proper Christian walk. Our walk should be based on our calling from God vs. what we think it is from our own imaginations. The goal with our walk should be to grow into a perfect man as it says in Ephesians 4:13 ”Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:”. We do that with proper doctrine.


Timothy Study - Part 1. The lesson on November 26, 2006 starts a new series by taking a look at the books of Timothy in the New Testament that the Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy. Paul wrote these after he declared in Ephesians that he was given the calling to make all saints see what is the fellowship of The Mystery. Paul then took his brother in Christ, Timothy and gave us an example of how to do this type of ministry. Timothy is a character in scripture that faced issues just like other Christians do today.

Timothy Study - Part 2. The lesson on December 3, 2006 continues the series on Timothy with part two in the series. We find the Apostle Paul appealing to Timothy regarding proper doctrine. Doctrine develops the walk of a Christian. What was the doctrine that was followed in Ephesus?

Timothy Study - Part 3. The lesson on January 21, 2007 picked up the audio series on Timothy with lesson three in the series. The study covers 1 Timothy 1:1-11. The first lesson covered the people we are dealing with in Ephesus. Timothy and Paul. Paul is a preacher, apostle, and an teacher to the Gentiles. This wasn’t so in the Acts period when Paul met Timothy (this is when Timothy became one of Paul’s converts as explained in Acts 16:1-5) Timothy was a devout believer from being raised by his mother Lois, and grandmother Eunice which were Jews that believed in Christ.

Timothy Study - Part 4. The lesson on February 4, 2007 continues the series on Timothy with part 4 which takes us to the end of chapter one. Timothy is a pastoral letter written by the Apostle Paul to Timothy which was the church leader in Ephesus so there is a good connection with the Ephesians letter and 1 Timothy. Beginning in verse 12, Paul specifies he has been enabled by the love of Christ. It always begins with Christ.

Timothy Study - Part 5. The lesson on February 11, 2007 continues in the Timothy study in chapter 2. This chapter primarily covers two topics: Prayer and Women in the church. There has been some controversy in the fact that Paul said in verse 1, “I Exhort”. Some have said that this isn’t the Word of God but instead Paul’s opinion. We believe that it is God’s Word and that not only will this chapter cover prayer and women in the church but, it’s really a question of God’s will vs. my will . Meaning, will you listen to what God says or will you follow your own will?